A little bit about Dong Hoi

Yesterday, it was a clear day. The bright blue sky reflected its color in the dazzling water of South China Sea. But today morning was different. The clouds made a complete canopy up above, while the ocean below was wilder than usual.

I took a sip of coffee, looked at the strong waves crashing to the coast and opened my netbook.

I had been in Dong Hoi for three weeks now. Initially not even on my plans, I had ended up here based on a recommendation. The recommendation came during a drinking game in Hoi An, through a Danish girl called Elin. She told me to specifically go to Beachside Backpackers, a hostel situated a little out of the town center, right on the beach. And within no time, I had struck a good bond with the owners of the hostel- An, the Vietnamese hardworking man and his Irish girlfriend, Michaella.

Elin had arrived just two days after my arrival, on a Saturday, and that had given the hosts an opportunity to celebrate- a huge barbeque on the beachfront and then a game of Killer Pool.

But now, the hostel was empty. Elin had gone a long time ago, the other travelers had disappeared too and An and Michaella were in Saigon to be with a friend who had met a really bad accident two days ago. I was in charge now, but in the absence of other guests, had nothing much to do.

I looked at my new borrowed shoes that lay casually below the table. Blue Nike sneakers that Elin had lent me. I had lost my shoes on the second day in Saigon and had made my way up to the central Vietnam in flip-flops. But now I had these borrowed shoes and I did not know how long were they going to carry me and where!

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